I help organizations develop a cohesive digital strategy for transforming large-scale, data-driven systems into device/OS-agnostic UX frameworks that deliver world-class user experience.


  • Multi-channel customer and user experience strategy

  • User-centered software development

  • User-centered design methodology and process

  • Digital design and development process re-engineering

  • Design deliverable and process standardization

  • Design standards development and governance

  • Developing/managing global voice-of-customer programs

  • Design management

  • Change management

UX Strategy: Guide leadership and principal stakeholders through the process of specifying the company's execution of its digital vision while balancing opportunities and risks involved in the effort. 

Strategic Product and User Research: Plan, Lead and facilitate user, application and competitive research. Plan and facilitate local and international insight/focus groups and user interviews.

Device-OS Agnistic UX Frameworks - From Concept Development to Detailed Design:  Use rapid prototyping techniques to generate high-fidelity simulations that communicate to stakeholders and users the proposed concept. Manage rapid review, iteration, user/stakeholder validation cycles to meet deadline with confidence.

Information Architecture:  Develop taxonomy, navigation systems, search, content personalization and customization, social networking.  

UX Logistics: Specialize in implementing strategies and workflow for enterprise-grade projects to support complex prototyping, phased-releases, versioning and localization of UX assets. Standardize naming conventions for UX assets, authority files and specifications. 

Role, Task, and Workflow Analysis:  Expert in the development of user interface architecture for applications that require information and system security, access control and authentication: Workflow management, electronic commerce, copyright and intellectual property protection.

Usability Evaluations:  Heuristic reviews and usability tests. Develop screeners & protocols. Plan, conduct and manage usability studies to guide the development of new or revised user interfaces. Reduce development costs by validating proposed concept with stakeholders and real users BEFORE coding begins.

Functional Requirements, Specifications and Traceability: Work with stakeholders to develop a comprehensive set of business and functional requirements to guide the UX development. Plan and guide the process of developing the appropriate spec format to consumed by the development team. Collaborate with BA's and other stakeholders to ensure alignment of specifications with functional requirements and overall roadmap. Guide the development of advanced traceability matrix for UX against business requirements.

UX and Analytics:  Problem-solve broken transactional flows: Lead the development of new or improved user experience concepts guided by in-depth study of web analytics data: Identify leaks in existing B2B and B2C processes - improve conversion and retention rates. Plan and execute A/A and Multivariate user interface testing to optimize site performance. Work with your SEO experts to optimize the UI as it being developed, and help you avoid costly post-launch fixes. 

Accessibility: Full consideration for international regulatory compliance. Help reduce and contain development costs by developing partnerships between UX, the Dev team and accessibility experts such as CAST/AIM or NFB to make sure the UX is build corectly from the get-go.  


Extensive experience with enterprise B2B and B2C systems:

Financial, Aviation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Marketing, Telecom, Insurance, Education, InfoSystems,

Axure Logistics, Governance  & Mentoring: 

Reaching 100K licensees world-wide, Axure is probably the de-facto rapid prototyping tool in the industry, adopted by organizations and individual practitioners.  I provide strategic guidance and mentoring that will help your UX team with: 

  • Configuration guidance for effective requirements capture, documentation & traceability.

  • Iteration strategy for multi-release, multi-phased projects.

  • Artifact construction approach and governance to generating outputs for usability testing and meaningful documentation (getting both from the same file is difficult to get out-of-the-box).

  • Workflow, process and governance alignment (including: with the organization's development methodology, business process, product lifecycle)

  • Collaboration protocols (including coordination of distributed, remote, or offshore teams. Direct inputs from hybrid UX, BA and other stakeholder teams)

  • Effort estimation and alignment of prototyping production with the product's roadmap, schedule and budget.

  • Mentor and train leads and staff in best practices for output quality, consistency, and efficiency from team members with variable proficiency levels.

"Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler." -- Albert Einstein

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