Validation & Testing

Communicating UX to Stakeholders

Leadership confidence and trust in my ability to direct the design is critical for the success of the project. I have found that self-contained videos, which stakeholders can view on their own and at their convenience, allow them to consider thoroughly the evolving UX and generate thoughtful responses  that can be more useful than the immediate, gut-reaction responses often offered during life presentations.   

Global commercial banking system [Financial]

Current-State Observations

These clips demonstrate an important discovery activity—an on-site observation of a user in her native work environment. Often, the people being observed are concerned that their performance proficiency is at stake; so it is important to make them feel at ease and work as they normally would.

The following clips are a sample from sessions at Yahoo, Chicago Tribune, ESPN and other companies. The users describe their work, workflow, tasks, priorities, issues with current state, work-arounds and wish lists. I used a tiny Flip camera and made sure to aim it only at the screen—this helped participants relax and fully cooperate with the session.

Analysis of current-state. Site-visit to customer (Yahoo, above and Chicago Tribune, below), where a user described her tasks, workflow, priorities, issues with current state, and her wishlist. [Audience Measurement and Media Planning System]

[Audience Measurement and Media Planning System]

User Insights Workshops

Usability Testing

Usability Reports

Custom Tools

Sometimes, for various reasons, it is not possible to use Morae or other standard tools for observation and documentation. So I create my own:


I've always found great success in building strong partnerships with the community of users. Here is the story of one such partnership.

Ezra Schwartz