Evaluating Axure RP - Talking Points

I'm often asked by colleagues and clients about my experience with rapid UX prototyping tools in general, and Axure specifically. I always preface by saying that I’ve been using Axure as a primary wireframing tool for the past 3+ years, and, although I occasionally evaluate new prototyping tools, such as ProtoShare or Sketchflow , I don’t have the hard-core experience that comes from daily work with a tool.

The landscape of rapid prototyping is changing rapidly, with frequent announcement of new players, some that look very promising. These are very exciting times for our profession because finally, user experience architects and designers can master a specialized UX tool instead of tools borrowed from desktop publishing or app developers.
So one must be open minded to change and to take advantage of whatever does the job. Yet any tool is a strategic investment - of our time, our ability to successfully execute and deliver demanding challenges. In other words - the stuff needs to really work when a large team of UX designers, spread all over the country needs to collaborate under tight schedules. Making things change colors on mouse over is not enough.

So here is a deck I created recently and used in several occasions to help guide an evaluation process. It is of course in favor of Axure, and not because the product is perfect or because the company pays me to promote the product (They don't!). It is their uniquely amazing customer support that won me over.

Download the PDF.

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