Oy-Way Pointers

I Parked the car in a multi-level garage, close to a sign with several attributes of my spot: 'Level 3', 'Orange' and 'Aisle B'.

That should be enough for mental note taking, but I worried that it is likely I'll forget the attributes immediately unless I repeat the mantra '3-b-orange' several times. And also... is there a 'level 3, aisle B, Red' or a 'level 3, aisle B, Blue' etc?

I use the camera in my mobile phone to take a spot-snapshot. Weeks, months after I've parked in that garage, I have evidence, an artifact, of being there: A place of no importance, no flag left behind...Yet documented.Another example: I found the last parking space next to a coffee shop. After inserting the first quarter, the meter did not respond. Being one of those meters that control 2 spots, 'Left' and 'Right', I tried another coin because I was not sure if I paid attention to the correct slot. But there was not response, so I gave up, and upon my return to the car, a ticket waited on the windshield.

It is unlikely I'll have to use this photo as evidence, but I do have a 'documentation' of the broken meter. A pointer to an otherwise erasable event. I ended up sending a letter to the parking office, and the ticket was voided. I did not use the image as evidence, but it is posted here. Years from now, perhaps long after this particular meter is pulled out of commission, its image will still litter snapshots of internet files. Is this consumable content?

Ezra SchwartzComment